Know Who Your Customers Are & What They Are Saying!

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Understanding who your customers are and what their preferences are makes a huge difference as a local business owner. While you can gather some information about your customers from analyzing their in-store behavior, our Social Intelligence tools provides you with the ability to continue to monitor their interactions after they’ve left your store.

Using advanced social listening and analytics software, our team can reveal trends and patterns that will enable you to tailor your marketing strategies to your customers. With the ability to research social conversations across multiple platforms, you will have a wealth of data available to you that goes well beyond what you can gather from conventional in-store monitoring.

Social media offers local business owners with a chance to really get to know your customers and with the tools available with a Social Intelligence Plan from, you will actually be able to use all that information to develop your company! Social Intelligence Plans Will Allow You To:

  • Get a better idea of who your customers are and what they’re saying
  • Analyze conversations across social platforms that relate to yours business
  • Gain insight into the behavioral trends of your customers
  • Create marketing strategies based on consumer trends and patterns