Easily Manage Your Company's Data!


Measuring the performance of your local business is an essential part of growth. The nj.digital Digital Dashboard will break down your company’s performance into easy-to-understand, measurable data.

While it is easy to monitor and track the success rate of a physical location; measuring the performance of a digital space requires a great deal of analytical data that is not so easy to find. Using the Digital Dashboard from nj.digital, you will have the ability to track your local business progress and even compare it to your competitors.

As you continue to grow your local business in the digital space, keeping track of those results becomes more important; it also become more difficult. Allow our team at nj.digital to make it easier for you to see your progress and to give you a competitive edge against local industry leaders.

A Digital Dashboard from nj.digital Will Allow You To:

  • See the progress of your digital marketing campaigns
  • Create analytical reports that showcase measurable data
  • Easily manage company data
  • Compare your results with industry leaders